Say Something: A typographic artwork made in collaboration with Edwin Pickstone.

Say Something / Agonies Myths / Shat Moseying / Shanty Egoism / Agony Theisms / Yeoman Sights / Mighty Season / Mossy Heating / Steamy Hosing / Seamy Hosting / Giants Homeys / Yogis Anthems / Essaying Moth / Gymnast Hoise / Toying Shames / Hats Moseying

Exhibited with works by: Ruth Bingham-Hamilton, Elle Elks Herrmannsen, Jake Krushell, Tim Offredi, Gina Price and Philip Speakman, selected with Edwin Pickstone.

Bloused & Mintier

Blip Blip Blip, Leeds, 14 - 29 May 2015
Documentation by Harry Meadley
Supported by: Creative Scotland